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Birthday parties and field trips

Wye Mountain Flowers and Berries is the place for your groups perfect get together!

Learning about how fresh fruit and beautiful flowers are grown locally is so fun!

  • During berry season children will decorate their own berry basket and then be able to pick some delicious berries for snacking or to take home.

  • Each group will receive a bunch of fresh cut flowers to brighten their classroom.

  • A farm hand will give age appropriate tutorials about farming flowers, berries and caring for small farm animals.

Our bunnies will be waiting to be petted and all the other farm animals will be watching for your visit. You get to go into the barn yard with all the bunnies, chickens and goats roaming free.

Ride the "BERRY" cute barrel train and play in the funland!

Cost is just $6.00 per child with a minimum of 20 children. One adult free with every group of 10 kids. Monday through Thursdays mornings are available during the berry season for groups. Birthday parties are scheduled any morning including Saturdays. Call early to reserve a time for your group. A 50% deposit is required to hold reservation.

Your Groups activities will include:

        1) Children will receive a small container to decorate as a berry basket.

        2) Short tutorial to learn about picking ripe berries as they get ready to fill                   their baskets with blueberries and blackberries.

        3) Stroll through the flower growing field as a farmer picks a bunch of flowers               for the group and explains a little about how the flowers are grown. 

        4) Time to visit all the animals in the barn area.

        5) One ride per child on our barrel train. 

FAQ'S Field Trips


Q:  What is the cost? 


A:  $6 per child with an adult free for every 10 kids.


Q:  What days of the week can field trips be scheduled? 


A:  Monday—Thursdays  Saturday can  be reserved for birthdays.


Q:  What is the minimum number of students required to make a reservation?


A:  We require a minimum of 20 paid guests to book a reservation. There must be at least 1 responsible adult chaperone for every 10 children.


Q:  What if there is threatening weather?


A:  We are a working farm and subject to extreme weather conditions.  Just  a light rain will not close the farm though more precautions will be taken and some areas and or the barrel train may not be available.  When your reservation is booked please have a rain-out date in mind. Our first responsibility of course, is to provide for the safety of our guests. Sorry but once the visit has started there are no refunds due to rain-outs.


Q:  Do you offer educational tutorials? 


A:  Yes, large classes will be divided into 3-4 groups to rotate through the different activities which are as follows:

        Activity A: will tour the flower farm area with farmer explaining different varieties, why and how we grow them and where they are sold. As the farmer is talking with the kids she will be picking a beautiful bunch of flowers for the class. 

        Activity B: During berry season students  will begin with making their berry baskets and then proceed to the berry field to learn where, how, and why we grow the different varieties and how to pick just the perfect berries for their baskets. They will be allowed to pick their fruit with adult supervision and it will be up to your adults to decide when and how the kids will eat what they pick.

        Activity C: This group will begin with visiting the barn with all of its animals. The kids will see bunnies, chickens, peacocks, sheep and lots of goats.

        Activity D: the kids can ride the barrel train, pulled by an adorable little tractor.         


FAQ'S Field Trips


Q:  Do you have a planned agenda? 


A:  Yes, as answered in 5) there will be a farmer accompanying your group in at least 2 or 3 of the farm areas. Each activity will require about 20 minutes so the time goes by quickly with many fun things for the children to see and do. We suggest that you plan 2 to 2 1/2 hours for the whole experience. This will leave a little free time.


Q:  Do you provide food? 


A:  Yes and no. During berry season, the children will be allowed to pick berries for the baskets. Each basket holds about a cup.  It will be up to you whether the children are allowed to eat their berries or if you want to return to your facility to have them washed before they are eaten.  We  do not sell any other foods at the farm other than bottled water. If your group will need to purchase bottle water please let us know in advance. We have several shady areas where your group is welcome to hang out, cool down and or have a snack. If you prefer there is a large covered area at the barn near the animals and bathroom that can be reserved. The cost to reserve this space is $50 for up to 2 hours and includes 2 picnic tables and a side table.


Q:  Do you have restroom facilities.


A:  Yes, we have a bathroom available at the barn and additional port-a-potties.


Q:  Can you pay with credit card? 


A:  Yes, we accept major credit cards.


Q:  Can a school bus park at the farm.


A:  Yes, but it is tight. It is better and easier to park  just outside the gate in the circle drive.

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