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General Info

General Farm Information
No smoking or pets allowed on the farm. 

Please, remember that this is a working farm and we try to make your visit as safe as possible. Please, be aware of your surroundings and keep a close watch on your children. There are many opportunities for kids to learn about raising food, flowers, and animals, so take your time and let them explore. For your safety, please, go only in the common farm areas and avoid the places where machinery and other equipment are stored. 

A few suggestions to make your visit more enjoyable:

  • Wear sun protection such as a hat and or sunscreen.

  • You may want to use bug spray. As we were told when we first move to the Mountain, "There isn't a single tick or chigger on the mountain. They're all happily married and have multitudes of children."

  • Wear closed toe shoes. The walkways are mowed but you never know when a stray weed may try to poke you.

  • Drink plenty of water. If you forget it we have bottled water available to purchase. (Proceeds donated to the Roland Crisis Closet)

  • If you begin to feel too hot, please take a break and join us in the shade of the big trees.

  • Please, be aware that you may encounter stinging insects. If you are allergic, be extra cautious and bring an epi-pin or other medication.

Wye Mountain Flowers

Growing Season May through November (dependent on the weather)

Wye Mountain Berries
Our blueberry and blackberry season usually last about 8 weeks through most of July.  The blueberry bushes are loaded and should be easy picking.  All of the blackberry varieties are thornless and should be abundant because the field was gorgeous with white blooms this spring. We sell by the level gallon bucket so you won't have any surprise at check-out.  The cost is only $25 per level gallon!
Be sure to call 501-330-1906 for picking updates.
Keep watch at for upcoming events.

2022 Prices:  Blueberries  -  $25 per level gallon bucket

                       Blackberries - $25 per level gallon bucket



We accept cash and all major credit cards including ApplePay and Venmo.


The first and last couple weeks of the season we may have to close from time to time to allow the berries to ripen. Call the above number or check back here for updates.

The berries are sold by the level bucket. We furnish the buckets with plastic liners for your convenience.

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